As the planet Lo’touth spiraled into chaos and war a few desperate souls cast themselves into the deep to study magic. When the first great magician Kadril Caineen rose from the ground with Legends streaming from his finger tips he ripped apart the flesh of his enemies and sent the marauders back. Since then new Kadrils, those who have mastered the magic and conquered the world have risen and taken their place as Lords. They summon forth Mages, Witches, and all kinds of beasts to help them mine the most magic in the land so they can rule a vast empire. This is a war torn place with safe haven for none. Do you have what it takes to bring it to heel?

  • Buy your miners
  • Delegate your miners to yourself to mine $MYTHICAL
  • Stake your earned $MYTHICAL to mine $SERPENTIS
  • Burn $SERPENTIS to buy Lords
  • Delegate your Lords to yourself to earn $CONTROLUS
  • Burn $CONTROLUS to change the rules of the game
  • You may also burn MYTHICAL to get Witches, which are powerful Legends Miners
  • You may also burn SERPENTIS to get Mages, which give a boost to all your Legends Miners
  • 100 $MYTHICAL, 20 $SERPENTIS, and 10 $CONTROLUS will be distributed per hour among 20 players

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